Postdoc position in Langevin Institute

Strong coupling and non-local phenomena with plasmon/molecule hybrid states

A 2-year post-doctoral position is available from January 1st, 2020 at Langevin Institute (Paris, France) to perform experimental studies of strong coupling between organic molecules and plasmonic materials. The research will be performed in the team of V. Krachmalnicoff within the framework of a collaboration with the team of J. Bellessa (ILM, Lyon) and the team of T. Ebbesen (ISIS, Strasbourg).

Strong coupling between excitons and surface plasmons occurs when the plasmon/emitters interaction overcomes the damping in the system. In plasmonic strong coupling, surface plasmon modes hybridize with molecular excited states to form polariton states. Due to its spatial extension, a delocalized plasmon strongly coupled to a set of localized molecules generates a spatial coherence which can extend on several microns, drastically affecting the optical characteristics of otherwise independent emitters. We will exploit the extended interaction to study the coupling of an individual emitter or patch of emitters to a remote set of molecules. We plan to exploit the extended coherence length to perform all optical, non-local switching and to study photon statistics on single-photon emitters interacting with a strongly coupled system.

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