Added to the daily actions that its members implement in Region IdF, two main research themes can be highlighted in the "Nanosciences and Society" transverse action.

These two areas are:

  • on the one hand the study of the relationship between nanoscience’s innovations and Society
  • and on the other hand, the study of the effects produced by these innovations on society, including benefits and risks they may generate.

In order to handle these researches, the "Nanosciences and Society" action brings together the skills of researchers coming from various disciplines, including humanities and social sciences life and environmental sciences, but also Chemistry and Physics.
Research studies have been conducted until 2006 on Nanosciences and nanotechnologies economy, regulation, philosophy and sociology, but also toxicology and ecotoxicology. More recently, some research in metrology have been added to theses works, wich take advantage of the extraordinary diversity of researchers working on the Knowledge center.

The "Nanosciences and Society" action of the C’Nano Ile-de-France is, in all these points, a common experience : escaping disciplinary divides to think nanosciences and nanotechnologies together
. All C’Nano’s teams are concerned and this action is at the core of initiatives that bring together researches and other citizens.