Production and control samples are generally associated, so a coordinated large-scale action in this area is crucial.

Success of projects presented in each of the six main program axes often depends on the quality of nano-manufacturing samples. The new NMSCM axis results from reunification of "Nano-Characterization & Instrumentation" axis and "Nano-Manufacturing & NanoStructuring" axis, strenghtened by cold atoms domain. It is remarkable that many cold atoms measurement instruments, despite its complexity, begin to be miniaturized with a view to marketing.

It is therefore essential to develop innovative technologies for production and/or characterization of nanostructures and nanomaterials. The DIM will promote new applications of existing tools and remove technological barriers. It also intends chare the available technology in the Ile-de-France by developing a database of existing facilities.
Especially, the field of metrology, wich is at the interface between academic research, will increasingly neet to use developments from this transverse action. The role of metrology is expected to grow in importance in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, for instance in fields such as toxicology and standardization, and nano-metrology involves instrumentation wich concerns for a large part the characterization of nanostructures produced by the technology centers. Similarly metrology based on cold atoms or cold ions devices uses more and more devices fabricated with nanofabrication techniques.