Residential seminar : Value the research by the creation of start-up

This approche aims :

  • Short terme, favor bridges between academic and business environment, via the PhD’s, Post-docs and other researchers
  • a long terme, to rise to young researchers in academic laboratories a spirit more turn to entrepreneurship

The objectives of the seminar are :

  • acquiring reflexes and knowledges about the protection of innovation
  • to realize that business is accessible
  • awarness of fields of knwoledges and skills
  • to identify the classic step and possible support

The program, allows participants in the situation of the entrepreneur to change their perceptions and help to :

  • plan for a future possible of businessman
  • include the classic of the creation and development a business
  • identify more precisely to knwoledges, know-how and being
  • understand the necessary attention to the uses of technology and the needs of customers for a company to develop
  • perceive the market for nanotechnology and some of industrial applications
  • know the various means of protection of intellectual property, with their limits