International Summer School 2014

The eighth edition of the International School on Nanosciences Ile-de-France held from 22nd to 27 June 2014 . After seven years in the site of Tremblay, we was for the first time at Country Club d’Etiolles (Essonne).
Forty PhD’s and Postdoc from Ile-de-France, South West of France and abroad participated one week of lecturers given by prestigious speakers in nanoscience :

NanoManufacturing :
Frédéric EGHIAIAN, AFM for biology (Inserm, Marseille, FR)
Gérald DUJARDIN , Opto-electronics of molecule/surface interfaces
at the atomic-scale with the STM (ISMO, Orsay, FR)

NanoChemistry :
Victor PUNTES, Nanoparticles synthesis and reactivity (CIN2, Barcelone, SP)
Bartosz GRZYBOWSKI, Chemical engineering of nanostructures (Northwestern University, Chicago, USA)

NanoElectronics :
Suppriyo DATTA, Quantum Transport (Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA)
Sophie GUERON, Mesoscopic transport in graphene (LPS, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, FR)
Julie GROLLIER, Memristors (CNRS/Thalès, Ile-de-France, FR)
Russel COWBURN, Spin logic (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK)

Hendrik DIETZ, DNA origami (Technische Universität, München, DE)
Zoher GUEROUI , Biophysics (Pasteur, Paris, FR)

Nanosciences et Society :
Lucie ARMAND , Toxicology of nanoparticles (CEA, Grenoble, FR)
Ellen Marie FORSBERG, NanoEthics (Oslo and Akershus University College, NO)

NanoPhotonics :
Bert HECHT , Plasmonics (Université de Würzburg, DE)
Lars MÜLLER-MESKAMP, Organic LED (Technische Universität, Dresde, DE)

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Groupe 2014

This year, the open talk’s theme was Ethic and responsible Innovation . The talk, moderated by Vincent REPAIN and Elle-Marie FORSBERG, did not fail to react students and speakers present.

Finally, all participants met in Paris to end this 8th edition with a night on a houseboat. On this occasion, five prizes of best posters of the International School on Nanosciences were awarded to the following recipients:

  • Alice MIZRAHI (CNRS/Thalès) for her poster Noise-enhanced synchronization of stochastic magnetic oscillators
  • Jean-François BRYCHE (IEF) for his poster Nanostructuration for biosensors based on SERS and SPRI
  • Nelly VUILLEMIN (LOB) for her poster Bessel beams for nonlinear microscopy
  • William TRUJILLO HERRERA (UNMSM, Pérou) for his poster Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetite Nanoparticles Functionalized with Carboxyl and Amino acids for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
  • Charles CAER (LKB)
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