C’Nano IdF put in place training actions int the nanosciences’ field :

  • the annually, international and interdisciplinary residential schoole : The International School on "Nanosciences" Ile-de-France
  • the seminar "Value the research by the creation of start-up"
  • the creation of a module "Nanosciences and societal challenges" for the Master 2 and Ingineer schools.

C’Nano IdF support traning actions ine the nanosciences’ field :

  • the support of 25 thesis and post-doc per year, thanks to the subvention of Regional Council of Ile-de-France, and place the acces of the training by the research in the nanosciences’ field in the heart of its preoccupations. Please noàte that more than 150 thesis are published each year ine Ile-de-France in theme related to the thematics of C’Nano IdF
  • the support of young researches of Ile-de-France (PhD Students, post-doc) for the founding of their missions in summer schools.
  • the support and the encouragment of development of international masters dedicated to annosciences. All this actions rely on a collaboration of researches and teachers brought togetecher in a trainig unite.

C’Nano IdF make known, to the general public, nanosciences and their potentionality through :

  • popularized movies
  • reasearches interventions
  1. Popularized conferences
  2. Sciences bar
  3. Researchers nights (annual event in septembre)
  4. Festival of Science
  • exhbits, wich the most importante was created by the Nanophotonic axis : "Un monse en couleurs : de Gabriel Lippmann à la nanophotonique" at Palais de la Découverte (2009-2010)