Motivate the communication

With society

C’Nano IdF take into account the social impacts of the nanosciences and nanotechnologies developpment through :

  • the founding of a dozen of interdisciplinary researche’s projects in "hard sciences" and Human and Social Sciences
  • the founding of specific projects about ecotoxicology and toxicology studies
  • the organisation and participation on debates and citizen conferrences
  • the organisation or participation on workwhop with actors of "hard sciences" and HSS about legeln ethic, economic questions of the development of nanosciences and nanotechnologies.

With the industrial world

By motivating the value of the nanosciences researches in Ile-de-France through :

  • the creation of an project call "Valo" dedicated to the support of innovativ scientific’s projects including prototyping and founding of a peronnalized coaching
  • the organisation of a seminar "Value the research by the creation of start-up".

Withe the international scientific community

The international visibility acquired by C’Nano IdF is measurable by mani indicator as :

  • the international conferences organized in Ile-de-France by team ou axis of C’Nano IdF
  • the dynamism of teams in the exchanges with invited professor
  • the activ participation to the definition of ERANET NanoSci Era and the implmentation of ERANET Nano Med.