Encourage the research

C’Nano IdF is an important tool in the definition of the priorities and the coordinations of the actions of the different regional actors.

CNano IdF is build on the dialogue with its network by getting closer with the Direction of the Research of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France and by keeping a link with the Guardianships.
C’Nano IdF has become, few month after its creation, a "Domaine d’Intérêt Majeur" of Nanosciences labilized by the Region Ile-de-France, manage and follow up 5 regional project calls. In this context, C’Nano IdF has promote the emergence of 300 projects, wich includes 33% of federativ and interdisciplinary projects.

Through the axis Nanosciences and Society, C’Nano IdF is also drinving force in the construction of projects between researcher in Human and Social Sciences field and "hard sciences" researcher (10 projects HSS/"Hard sciences" were put in place). C’Nano IdF allowed the emergence of a dozen important project in the field of the future of nanosciences toxicology.

C’Nano IdF promote the access to tecjhnlogic and caracterization tools required to the développement of nanosciences. Two proximity centers, crated before 2006, has been support (CEA-DRECAM et Paris Centre) and a third has been supports during the development of the project and the initial founding (University Paris XIII with IUT of Villetaneuse). C’Nano IdF rely also on two big technologic central of the Laboratoire for Photonic and Nanostructures(LPN) et the Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale (IEF).