Workshop “DNA/RNA nanotechnology with biological applications” – Bordeaux 26-29/09/2018

The workshop is divided into two phases:

  • A theoretical phase composed of a series of lectures with a neat group of international speakers. It will be organized in Bordeaux in September 26-28, 2018. Space is limited to 69 participants- .
  • A practical phase in October 15-20, 2018, which will be split into three themes and two locations. In Montpellier, it will provide an introduction to the computer design and electron microscopy characterization of 3D DNA nanostructures and to the conception and manipulation of DNA-based nanosensors (aptamers, molecular beacons) to detect small molecules or enzymatic targets. In Paris, it will make you acquainted with high-throughput, isothermal, digital PCR techniques. Among the participants to the theoretical lecture, 15 trainees will be selected as followed: 5 for the 3D DNA practical lecture and 5 for the DNA sensors one in Montpellier and 5 for the lecture in Paris.

Deadline registration: Friday, June 29 2018

Gaëtan Bellot (Inserm U1191, Montpellier),
André Estevez-Torres (UMR 8237-Laboratoire Jean Perrin, Paris),
Didier Gaparutto (CEA, Grenoble)

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