Mini-colloquium "The life-cycle of nanomaterials in the (bio)environment: impact on physical properties and toxicity issue"

The objective of this minicolloquium is to review recent advances on the reactivity of nanomaterials in both environmental and biological systems and the novel nanometrology methods that are developed to study nanomaterials in situ in their medium of applications.
The aim of the colloquium is to gather researchers with different fields of expertises including nanophysics, nanochemistry, nanotoxicology, nanomedicine, geophysics and environnemental sciences in order to share methods and approaches that could help in assessing the fate of nanomaterials in their environment.

The mini colloquium will be during the Condensed Matter in Paris CMD 25 – JMC 14 The program of the event will comprise 6 plenary invited lectures and 15 semi- plenary invited lectures. The largest and most important part of the program consists of the Mini-colloquia (Symposia or Topical Sessions), which gather specific condensed matter communities. The mini-colloquia at Condensed Matter in Paris will comprise one or more 3 ½ hour time slots, each slot hosting 30’ overview talks and 15’ contributed talks.

You are kindly invited to submit your most recent work to the Mini-colloquium 5.

Contributions may be submitted online on the conference website