1st Annual meeting SFNano

From 9 to 12 December 2014


DateFrom 9 to 12 December 2014
LieuFaculty of Pharmacy

5, rue Albert Lebrun
54000 Nancy

SFNANO, NANO SMS, CNano Grand Est organize the first joint meeting about nanomedicines at Faculty of Pharmacy of Nancy from 9th to 12 December .
The topics cover health nanosystems, nanotech and diagnostics, nanomedicine and radiation therapies, theranostics and regenerative medicine.

Invited speakers

Synthesis and Characterization of nanomaterials for health
C. Ménager (Paris) S. Begin-Colin (Strasbourg) D. Lenoble (Luxembourg) R. Schneider (Nancy) P. Reiss (Grenoble)
Nanomedicine and diagnosis
N. Jaffrezic-Renault (Lyon) S. Renaud (Bordeaux) M. Desmulliez (UK) A. Alexandrou (Paris) T. Gacoin, (Paris) F. Montaigne (Nancy) C Fournier-Wirth (Montpellier) D. Rouxel (Nancy)
Followed by a panel discussion with industrial guests
Nanomedicines et inflammation
P. Desreumaux (Lille) K. Lehr (Germany)
Nanomedicines et radiation therapies
M. Barbey-Heyob (Nancy) S. Mordon (Lille) E. Deutsch (Paris)
R. Muller (Belgium) G. Koning (Netherlands) C. Pichon (France)
Regenerativ nanomedicine
D. Letourneur (Paris) P. Lavalle (Strasbourg) E. Velot (Nancy)

Industrial guests : Sanofi, Biorad, Nanobiotix, Nano-H, Biolitec, CyberNano, SD medical, Stanipharm

Programm :

PDF - 778.3 kb

For all proposition of oral or poster presentation, send the abstract befor October 21st 2014
Registration fees : 200€ to 350 €

More informations and complete program on the website of the event.